Discover our 3-hour circuit, ‘the big tour’

10am -the adventure begins! After introducing each other, we head off towards the Chateau Haut Sarpe, where Jean-Philippe welcomes us and takes on a tour of the castle grounds, and tells us more about the Janouex family, who own this stunning vineyard.

After touring the grounds, we enter the Chateau, and Jean-Philippe talks us through the process for making wine, a tour that lasts around an hour and ends over a glass of fine wine.

We carry on our tour aboard Wine Bike Tour’s retro-style sidecars and stop over a number of Chateaux, including Chateau de Pressac, located right next to where the 100-year war ended; we stop over for pictures as the views are so beautiful.

Next we carry on towards the Chateau Pavie, a fine wine graded ‘A’, the most prestigious class in Saint-Emilion. After a couple more stops near noteworthy local vineyards, it is time to stop over for a picnic lunch, where we sample more Saint-Emilion fine wines.

Finally, we carry on towards Chateau Angelus, another stunning vineyeards graded ‘A’, and take more pictures. We then head towards the village, with a final detour via Chateau Canon, which ends our busy yet relaxing 3-hour tour!

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