Summary of a Journée Peu Ordinaire at the Chateau Prieuré Marquet

On Saturday 11 May, the Chateau Prieuré Marquet organised a ‘Journée Peu Ordinaire’ (a not so ordinary day), which included the inauguration of a new building, concerts, wine tastings, and more !

The Mayor of Saint-Martin-du-Bois, Philippe FAURT, graced the Chateau with his presence to celebrate the launch of the chai, alongside the architect Guillaume Aubel from Beluga Studio, who drew up the plans for the new building called ‘Carapace[ (beetle).

Over 1,200 people attended this special event, and enjoyed the plethora of activities on offer, alongside the launch of the new chai. Many thanks to all of of those who came!

Photo credits: Chateau Prieuré Marquet

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